Body Contact 101: Mastering Hockey Hitting Drills




Body Contact 101 Mastering Hockey Hitting Drills

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Hey there, rookie! So you wanna learn all about body contact in hockey, huh? Well, get ready to dive into the exciting world of mastering hockey hitting drills. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Picture this: you’re out on the ice, skating like a pro, and suddenly you see an opponent coming your way. You know what to do next – it’s time to unleash the power of body checking. Just like a tornado, you’ll send them flying and leave them wondering what hit ’em!

In this article, we’re gonna break it down for you, step by step. You’ll learn all the essential techniques for proper body checking, from building strength and power to practicing real game situations. We’ll even teach you the art of timing and positioning, so you can make those hits count.

So lace up your skates, grab your stick, and get ready to become a body contact master. Get ready to dominate the ice like a true pro.

Let’s dive in and get you on your way to hockey greatness!

Key Takeaways

  • Proper technique and safety gear are crucial for effective body contact in hockey.
  • Building upper body strength and core stability through exercises like push-ups, bench presses, planks, and Russian twists is important for successful hits.
  • Increasing weight and intensity in workouts, along with incorporating plyometric exercises like box jumps and medicine ball throws, can improve explosiveness in body checking.

– Timing, positioning, speed, quickness, and agility are all essential factors in mastering body contact drills and anticipating opponents’ moves.

Understanding the Importance of Body Contact in Hockey


Body contact is like, super important in hockey, you know? It’s like, a major part of the game that can totally take your skills to the next level. Safety is a big deal when it comes to body contact in hockey, so like, make sure you wear all the right gear and stuff. Protecting yourself is key, dude.

And like, body contact doesn’t just affect you physically, it also messes with your mind, you know? It can make you feel all powerful and confident, or it can totally psych you out. So like, understanding the psychological impact of body contact is a game-changer, man.

But enough about that, let’s move on to the next section about essential techniques for proper body checking. Like, it’s gonna blow your mind, dude!

Essential Techniques for Proper Body Checking


Imagine yourself on the ice, confidently executing the essential techniques for delivering a powerful and clean body check. As a beginner, it’s important to focus on defensive strategies and injury prevention. Mastering these techniques will not only improve your performance, but also keep you safe on the ice.

To help you visualize the importance of these techniques, let’s look at a table that showcases the potential outcomes of a body check:

Proper Technique Improper Technique
Solid Impact Injury
Clean Hit Penalty
Controlled Force Reckless Hit
Effective Defense Vulnerable Position

As you can see, using the correct technique leads to solid impacts and effective defense. On the other hand, improper techniques can result in injuries, penalties, and vulnerable positions.

Now that you understand the significance of mastering these techniques, let’s move on to the next section about building strength and power for effective hits.

Building Strength and Power for Effective Hits


Get ready to unleash your full potential and dominate the ice with explosive strength and jaw-dropping power for those game-changing hits. Building explosiveness is key to becoming a force to be reckoned with on the hockey rink.

To achieve this, focus on increasing your upper body strength. Start with basic exercises like push-ups and bench presses to target your chest, shoulders, and arms. Don’t forget to incorporate exercises that target your core, such as planks and Russian twists, to give you a solid foundation.

As you build your strength, gradually increase the weight and intensity of your workouts. Remember, it’s not just about being strong, but also being quick and agile. So, incorporate plyometric exercises like box jumps and medicine ball throws to improve your explosiveness.

With increased upper body strength and explosive power, you’ll be ready to take on any opponent and make those game-changing hits.

Now, let’s move on to practicing body contact drills for real game situations.

Practicing Body Contact Drills for Real Game Situations


To truly excel in the sport of hockey, it’s super important to practice and perfect the skill of doing body checks in real game situations. Simulating game scenarios is a great way to get the hang of it. You gotta make it feel as real as possible, so imagine you’re in the heat of the game and go for it!

But safety first, y’all. Before you start throwing your body around, make sure you’re wearing all the protective gear you need for body contact drills. Pads, helmets, the whole shebang. You don’t wanna get hurt, right? So put on that gear and get ready to rock!

Now, let’s move on to mastering timing and positioning for successful hits. It’s all about knowing when and where to strike, so stay tuned for the next section!

Mastering Timing and Positioning for Successful Hits


Timing and positioning are super important when it comes to crushing hits in hockey. If you wanna be a boss on the ice, you gotta know when to strike and where to be. Here are some tips to help you master the art of timing and positioning for successful hits:

  • Timing and Agility:
  • Work on your speed and quickness so you can react fast when it’s time to deliver a hit.
  • Practice timing your hits so you catch your opponent off guard and knock ’em down.
  • Use your agility to change directions quickly and get in the perfect position for a solid hit.
  • Defensive Strategies:
  • Study your opponents and learn their tendencies so you can anticipate their moves and be in the right place at the right time.
  • Use your body to block passing lanes and disrupt the opponent’s offensive plays.
  • Communicate with your teammates to coordinate defensive strategies and maximize your impact.

Remember, timing and positioning are key to dominating the ice. Keep practicing and you’ll become a hitting master in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common mistakes to avoid when performing body checks in hockey?

When doing body checks in hockey, make sure to avoid common mistakes like not using proper technique. You need to learn the right way to hit to become a master.

Are there any specific exercises or workouts that can help improve body checking skills?

To improve your body checking skills, try incorporating hockey hitting techniques into your workouts. Body checking drills can help you develop the necessary strength, agility, and timing required for successful body checks on the ice.

How can players effectively protect themselves from injury when engaging in body contact?

To stay safe when hitting, you gotta wear protective gear like helmets, shoulder pads, and shin guards. Learn the right technique too, like keeping your head up and using your whole body to hit.

Is there a limit to how often body checks should be used during a game?

You gotta know when to throw ’em! Don’t go overboard with body checks in a game. Learn how to properly execute a body check in hockey and remember, the importance of proper technique is everything.

Are there any specific strategies or tactics that can be used to maximize the effectiveness of body checks?

To maximize body check effectiveness, try different strategies like using proper positioning techniques and timing. Make sure to find the right balance of physicality and use your body to its full potential.


So there you have it, dude! Now you know all there is to know about body contact in hockey. It’s like super important for the game and stuff.

You gotta learn all the right techniques and get hella strong to make those sick hits. Practice those drills and work on your timing and positioning, bro.

Then you’ll be a master at body checking on the ice, and everyone will be like, ‘Whoa, that dude is a beast!’

Go get ’em, champ!

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